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August 9, 2013
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"Are we there yet?! Are we there yet?! Are we there yet?!"

You groaned and shoved your face in your hands. Nagisa's constant questioning was starting to get to you. In retrospect, you probably should have thought this over when Gou asked you if you wanted to go with the swim club while they had "training camp". It would be some time away from society, so you didn't doubt yourself when you agreed.

Until now.

Sure, you loved Nagisa liked a brother, but sometimes his happy-go-lucky attitude bothered you when you were already provoked. Sighing, your mind came up with an excuse.

'At least you get to spend time with Harukkaaaaa~'

You blushed, thankful that your hands hid the burning red.

'Shut up, brain.'

"Are we-"

"Nagisa, stop."  Haruka demanded. You lifted your head and sent him a soft smile his way as a thanks, leaving the slightest traces of a blush on his cheeks. The blond swimmer pouted and crossed his arms.

Silence ensued as you all sat at random places on the boat. The silence was a nice change from Nagisa's 'Are we there yet?!!?'s.

"Hey....Is Makoto okay know, the ocean?...." You whispered to Haruka. It was very brief, but worry crossed his face for a moment.


You huffed at his vague answer. Yes, you had known the swimmers since they all were on a swim team together at young ages. You knew about what happened to Makoto, which is why you were so unsure about him agreeing to this.

".....Why do you worry about him so much." Haruka muttered. It wasn't snarky, honestly. It was genuinely curious.

"Because I love Makoto. He's one of my best friends!" You responded. Apparently Haruka took 'love' the wrong way. He turned his head to the side and let out a small "Hn." You giggled.

"Awwh, are you jealous~"

Just to tease him, you ran your hand up and down his arm. He blushed bright red, and for once, you saw through that mask of his.


"Oh my! Did the infamous Haruka Nanase just stutter?" You giggled. His cheeks burned so hard you could practically feel the heat radiating off him. Before you could pull your hand away, Haruka grabbed your wrist and smashed his lips onto yours. Your first love was kissing you, and just the thought made it feel as if your brain shut down. Easing into the kiss, you placed a hand on his cheek. Just as he was about to deepen it, you were rudely interrupted.

"Oi! Haru-Chan! [Y/N]-Chan! Get a room!" Nagisa covered his eyes with his hands. You pulled away from Haruka regretfully and laughed.

"Hey Nagisa...." You began. He removed his hands and looked at you curiously

"Yeah [Y/N]-Chan?"

".......Are we there yet?"

Que Nagisa sweatdrop.
Short story is short and Haruka is OOC. Ugh *facedesk*
I asked my followers on Instagram (I'm mostly a Hetalia fandom account but whatever) and Haruka got the most votes. He tied with Makoto though.
So I may write a Makoto x reader if this gets positive feedback.
Okay bye.
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